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How does sunless tanning work?

Sunless tanning is a quick, easy and safe way to look sexier all year round. If you are a mature beauty with light skin, sunless tanning is a must for you.

20 November 2022

How does sunless tanning work?

So why not spoil yourself and boost your morale? You’ll probably make it a regular part of your routine once you see the results.


  • A fake tan enhances your body shape and gives you a healthy glow.
  • Those with larger upper body shapes and arms will find it particularly useful.
  • A fake tan looks great in the bedroom with sexy lingerie or with singlet tops all year round.
  • Tanned legs in a pencil skirt will have all eyes on you as you walk past.

Two methods

You can either have a cosmetician do a studio tan for you at a salon or a mobile tanning van or do it yourself with any of the great tanning products on the market. Choose the type that you find easiest to apply whether a lotion, gel, spray, or mousse.

Dos and don'ts of sunless running

For do-it-yourself tanning follow these beauty tips to maintain a year-round eye-catching and fantastic fake tan.

  • Never apply moisturizing cream immediately before applying the tanning product because it lessens the effect.
  • Exfoliate the whole body with a loofah or exfoliation cream, then shower.
  • Dry yourself thoroughly and apply the product of your choice (gel, spray, lotion, or mousse).
  • Clean off feet and hands immediately after application to avoid over-darkness in these areas (where the skin is thicker and the product is absorbed more readily).
  • Avoid bathing or swimming for a minimum of 8 hours.

Tan maintenance

  • Apply moisturizing cream all over the body once the product takes effect (around 24 hours).
  • Top-up the product in areas where you notice unevenness after a day or two.
  • Continue to top-up the product as you notice it lightening (maybe every 4-5 days).


If you want a quick, all-over deep tan result, it’s probably best to get a studio tan. If you don’t mind building up the effect by spending a few minutes each morning “topping up” and evening out your tan, then the do-it-yourself products are great. Another plus for do-it-yourself products is that the color doesn’t rub off so much as with the studio tan. This keeps your clothes and sheets cleaner!


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