Terms Of Use

These Terms of Use are a legally binding document that defines the rights and obligations of users interacting with the iCognizer resource.

  1. Subject and Scope
    a. These terms govern the relationship between the company iCognizer and users in the process of using the web resource.
    b. Users agree to the terms of use by visiting the site, creating a legal obligation.

  2. User Agreement
    Visiting the site implies agreement with the terms of use, creating a legal obligation.

  3. Registration and User Account
    Registration may be required for access to specific site features, with data confidentiality guaranteed.

  4. Use of Information
    User-provided data may be used according to the Privacy Policy.

  5. User Responsibilities
    Users agree to provide accurate data, take responsibility for its confidentiality, and abide by the rules of resource usage.

  6. Rights and Obligations of iCognizer
    The company ensures access to up-to-date information, reserving the right to change the functionality of the resource.

  7. Data Security
    iCognizer takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of users' confidential data.

  8. Responsibility of Parties
    The company is not responsible for temporary interruptions in the operation of the resource due to technical failures.

  9. Intellectual Property
    Materials on the site are objects of intellectual property of iCognizer. Images used in content may be sourced from open Internet platforms, adhering to all relevant licenses and copyrights.

  10. Changes in Conditions
    The company reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Service, with updated conditions effective from the moment of publication.

  11. Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution
    All matters related to the use of the resource are governed by the laws of the country where the iCognizer company is registered, and dispute resolution follows applicable legislation.